Training @ Lipro

Training at Lipro is completely different as compared to the training processes at training institutes. Here at Lipro we primarily train freshers and students with the main objective to absorb them in our own payrolls. Trainees who join us at the end of successful completion of the trainings get salaries as per the industry standards. They do not need to look for jobs outside in the market. They are put in our own national and international projects - either at our Faridabad location or at our client sites.
Training is different at Lipro. More so because the trainings are provided by our own technology experts, and not part time faculty members. The objective of our training is to make the students fit for complex projects and not merely to cover a few chapters in lecture halls. Students get the opportunity to gain the IT knowledge from very experienced professionals bearing experience of over two decades.

Corporate Training

We provide corporate trainings on Oracle database programming. Oracle PL/SQL is still a widely used tool of choice for business logic development for various complex Reports, Dashboards, ETL for Data Warehouses and Data Marts. But, good trained and expert resources are difficult to come by. Since the demand is high and supply is less, corporates struggle to retain the skilled resources and fill in the vacancies once the senior positions fall vacant. They try to train the junior resources to take up the senior roles and also keep hiring freshers and train them in-house. In the process they end up losing a lot of valuable business hours of the senior and experienced employees.

We help corporates by taking up the ownership of training their freshers and also train the senior and experienced employees with advance skills and the tricks and tips to get the work done more efficiently. More often than not the code written by the Oracle PL/SQL professionals are not optimized. Hence they end up choking the database servers which in turn slow down the other business critical applications running on the databases. By engaging Lipro, corporates enjoy the advantages of having highly experienced professionals at a low cost as they do not have to be retained for full time.

Our Skills

We are highly skilled in various technologies like PHP, Java, Mobile technologies, database technologies and business intelligence. We use latest frameworks like YII and Laravel in PHP. In Java, we use struts, spring and hibernate. In databases, we use Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Sybase etc.





Trainer Profiles

Our trainers are highly experienced professionals who have been in the software development industry for decades.
A few of our key trainers:


Database Architect.
Experience: 22 years

Our Oracle trainer has been working as Database Architect for large MNCs for more than 22 years. He is credited with the grooming of more than 300 database professionals in his career. He provides trainings to freshers, students and also to experienced professionals.


Principal Software Designer
Experience: 10 years

Our PHP trainer has been in software development in various roles for over a decade. He has been instrumental in the designing of large PHP based web applications for our national and international clients. He has already trained a lot many freshers for our own needs. Students get solid industry experience from him.