Pension and Insurance Software Development Services

As a pension and insurance software development company, our goal is to use our technical expertise to meet clients’ business challenges of today and tomorrow.

Systems Integration

We connect your company’s custom-built pension and insurance system to other business software, such as HRMs, ERPs, and LMSs. Uniting all the data streams in one place will do wonders for the productivity of your teams.

Custom Insurance Software Development

We build turnkey software that perfectly fits your company’s processes and vision. This includes many kinds of applications: insurance CRMs, self-service portals for policyholders, business intelligence suites, and more.

Pension funds face a host of challenges in today's markets – their need for effective risk management has grown in magnitude, while their internal systems and staff remain constrained. Lipro Software develops pension and insurance based software application which helps in several ways. Leveraging Liprosoftware's extensive industry knowledge, we provide development, implementation and support services tailored to meet the unique needs facing pension and insurance activities. Services include risk management framework design, custom analysis, software application development, training and support.

  • Service offering, with technology fully on premise / cloud hosted.
  • Run analyses and deliver relevant information to pension and insurance constituents in a digestible and transparent format (e.g. detailed reports for employee/employer and other eligible staff, summary-level views for trustees, etc.).
  • Manage the compliance in the application operation based on the country's norms.
Scalable and Flexible Pension Solutions

Are you interested in a well-engineered and modern end-to-end solution for the financial services industry with specific enhancements for the insurance and pension fund segments? We can help you implement solutions that have the scalability to accommodate the growing pension market and the capacity to respond to internal and external changes affecting the delivery of customer value in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

With functionality that includes complete account histories, complete and transparent retention of all journal entries, and the ability to precisely perform retroactive changes (undo/redo), SAP for Insurance provides important capabilities for the business departments that are typically not used by pension carriers today. The solution employs modern technology with a component-based architecture, a centralized product development for cross-platform distribution, and powerful tools for straight-through processing and data migration. The state-of-the-art, open architecture of SAP fully supports the orchestration and automation of process-flows and enables providers the ability to optimize their operations.

Insurance Web App Development

We use native and cross-platform technologies to enable your agents to work efficiently from anywhere and allow your customers to access your services however they like.

Dedicated Teams

We have dedicated teams of skilled engineers with strong knowledge of the pension and insurance industry for you to quickly build and scale development capabilities. Whether it’s creating a solution from scratch or just extending your in-house tech team — we have you covered.